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Future Perfect Tense

9 May 2015

Future Perfect Tense

A. Pattern/bentuk/Rumus
Verbal sentence form

(+) S +will/shall + have+V3  +(O/adverb )
( -) S + will/shall +not + have  + ( O/Adverb )
( ?) will/shall +have+ V3 +  ( O/Adverb )

Nominal sentence form :  
(+) S + will/shall+have + been + 3c
( -) S + will/shall +not +have + been+ 3c
( ?) will/shall+ S +have +been + 3c?

Time signal 

by the end of this week
by next year
be tomorrow
at the end of this summer


1.untuk menyatakan sesuatu yang telah selesai dilaksanak di waktu yang akan datang
by the end of this month , I will have finished studying English at Mahesa 

2.menyatakan sesuatu yang sudah terjadi sebelum sesuatu terjadi sesuatu yang lain terjadi dimasa yang akan datang 
I will have done the homework when you come my house
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